EAT SALT LAKE | tulie bakery

During the six months Chase and I lived in Salt Lake City, we spent about five months eating at the same places repeatedly. Sapa Sushi, Cafe Rio, Blue Lemon, Pizzeria Limone. . . over and over. Don’t get me wrong–these are all places very dear to my heart. But it wasn’t until we had a moving date set that we heard about Tulie Bakery, located in the quaint neighborhood of 9th and 9th in Sugarhouse.

I spent my last month in Utah making up for all of our time not spent at this gem, between lunch breaks for French macarons with my co-workers, late afternoon stops for tarts and lemon bars, and Saturday mornings spent savoring quiche and morning buns in their outside patio.

The morning buns! It’s these buttery, flaky rolls coated in a delicate layer of cinnamon sugar with the slightest hum of orange that have me still stuck on Tulie hundreds of miles away. Because Tulie knows how to do pastry dough. Their buns, croissants, even the crust on their quiche sings it. And Tulie uses only natural, hormone-free eggs, butter and cream, as well as seasonal local produce. I also hear they make some mean gelato once it starts warming up (you better believe I will be trying it this summer when I’m visiting).

Tulie Bakery, 863 East 700 South, Salt Lake City, UT

What to try: The morning bun, the coconut cream or banana cream tart, the lemon bar, the gingerbread cookie, the French macarons (I love the espresso & salted caramel ones), the quiche. . . anything! I have never tried the panini grilled french toast with creme fraiche and berries, but I met a man who claimed this dish convinced his wife to move to Salt Lake, so it’s definitely on my list.

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