I have been putting off blogging about our trip earlier this year because I haven’t known where to start.. But I really want to record what I can because I don’t want to forget any more that I already have. The stars somehow aligned and we were able to pull off the craziest trip of our lives – around the world in about 70 days. We knew (well we really, really hoped) Chase was going to be starting dental school this year, and once school started a trip like this would be impossible.. and then come babies.. and a mortgage.. and all of the other responsibilities we have successfully avoided thus far (although trust me, I am getting pretty baby hungry over here). I have the raddest in-laws ever and they let us crash their empty nest for a whole year while we saved our dollar bills in order to make it happen. I spent the year waitressing, so half of our trip was literally paid with single dollar bills. But hey! Those things add up.

We basically planned our trip sitting in front of a map, spitting out names of countries and frantically drawing arrows until we ended up back where we started. We crossed a few places off our list because the weather wouldn’t be great when we were there (like Bali) and sacrificed all of South America since it’s a shorter flight from home and could easily take up a couple months on its own. The first plane ticket we bought was to Auckland, and once I filled in our payment info I looked up at Chase like an 8 year-old given keys to his dad’s car, asking over and over, “Can I really do it? Can I press the button?”

I pressed the button and I kept on pressing more and more buttons until our bank account reached a frightening low balance.. But when you are already anticipating your husband starting dental school and coming out a half million in debt by the time it’s all over, the entire concept of money starts to seem pretty abstract. Haha. Or at least it did to me. (FYI – This is in no way intended as financial advice. Probably go read some Suze Orman after this). So late February we left LAX with a backpack each and landed on the North Island of New Zealand a day later.

Okay, first we had a layover in Nadi, Fiji. I was really picture happy at the beginning of our journey, clearly ^. One day we will go back to Fiji and see more than the airport :) And this is probably where I should pause for now because if I put our entire trip into a single blog post, well, I think it would just be considered an encyclopedia. And we all know that no one reads those things anymore.

Lauren Elledge - oh i love that you are going to share all your world adventures!! kenneth and i want to take a big trip too so it’s fun to hear what all went into it for you guys!

Chelsea Owens Palmer - So glad about your grand adventure and yay for blogging it! PS Thanks for the financial advice. ;)

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