Here’s a few of my favorite things that I think would make great gifts this year!

  • The shredded memory foam pillows that I take with me everywhere (I literally just stuffed one into my carry-on suitcase to fly to Utah) because they’re that good. You can take out or add more filling to make them as fluffy or flat as you want.
  • These bamboo sheets are heaven on earth. And much cheaper than a lot of other options out there.
  • I just got this silk sleep mask at a favorite things party last week and have slept with it every night since. It is so soft and the weight is perfect. I’m converted.

  • Gorjana is my favorite place to buy inexpensive jewelry that actually lasts. Everything is gold-plated, and if it discolors you can bring it back to the store to be re-dipped or replaced (but I haven’t had to do that yet!) This dainty knot necklace is my current favorite! I also have my eye on this bracelet.
  • I’ve been getting a lot of use out of these mini UGG boots lately. They don’t look nearly as cute on me as they do on Hailey Bieber.. but they’re the perfect California winter boot when you want to be cozy but it’s still 65 degrees outside.
  • And if you like to play board games, this one is so much fun with 4 or more people. This dice game and this card game are a couple other favorites!

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